Experienced Yoga Retreat Teacher (Taught over 30)

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Trainer

Sally Parkes Yoga

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Insured with Yoga Alliance

170 Hour ‘Teach Meditation’ Training

Swami Saradananda

85 Hour Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

Sally Parkes

Qualified to teach Yin Yoga

Louise Windsor

Completed the Yoga Nidra Foundation

Uma Dinsmore Tuli

2 year training with Edward Clarke in the dynamic Tripsichore style

Partner Yoga & Partner Yoga for Pregnancy


Hypnobirthing Practitioner with Mindful Mamma

Yoga Consultancy & Holistic Marketing for various yoga related companies, including Studio Manager at Unity Studio, Brighton (2014 - 2019). View LinkedIn here.

I still remember the first yoga class I went to in 2001, I found it challenging physically yet felt wonderfully alive, spacious and freed up afterwards - not just in my physical body but in a slightly unquantifiable way throughout my whole self.


I knew at that moment that yoga would play a very large part in my life and since then the positive effects have presented themselves every day in a myriad of ways. As I continue to learn myself, I feel my purpose is to share these tools of transformation with others.

I have completed over 600 hours worth of training in a variety of styles of yoga since I qualified in 2013, and these different approaches help me to tailor the sessions that I offer to those who come to 121s, Classes, Workshops and Retreats.

Everyone's reason for coming to yoga will be different. For some, the focus may be on building flexibility or strength. For others, it can be about alleviating stress or anxiety. For most who come to yoga, benefits arise which we may not have anticipated. I know that in my own practice, I came to it in my early twenties as an actress at drama school who wanted to increase voice projection (through the breathing practices) and build strength, and yet it was actually the alleviation of anxiety and plethora of ways to manage and focus a busy mind which became most important. 

At its heart, yoga helps us to free ourselves from our own blockages, limitations or patterns in the body/mind/energetic systems of the body. It is a chance to come back to a very simple aspect of ourselves - the essence of us that exists alongside our conditioning and all the events/memories in our lives. It is a empowering chance to rewire our own system so that we come to a greater acceptance of ourselves and others, and move towards a deeper sense of peace and happiness in this precious life we have been gifted. 

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