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Have you been feeling the call recently to bring more yoga into your life, or are wanting to begin but are unsure where to start?


Perhaps your body is feeling tight, tense or uncomfortable...


Or it's more that you're not feeling your best inside...perhaps your mind is very busy, anxiety is creeping in or you just want to be able to relax more easily and sleep well. 


Perhaps you want to take it up as a fun new way of keeping fit and healthy...

Perhaps you are an experienced yoga practitioner/teacher who would like to take their practice further in a certain style or move into a new area.

Or you're pregnant or in your postnatal phase and would like some extra support.

I'm excited to support you in what you need as from Sept '20, when I'll be opening space up to 5 clients for regular online 121s or one off 'Develop your Personal Practice' sessions via zoom....


What will you gain from these sessions?
What to expect from a Pregnancy Yoga 1-2-1?

- A session entirely crafted around your needs.

 - I send you a questionnaire to find out this info then in a first session we chat through it and do a postural analysis to see if there is anything else specific to work on

 - My 7 years teaching experience and 18 years practice experience to decipher how the practice can benefit you.

 - An optional practice sheet after each session with details of postures that have worked for you.

 - If you'd like to focus on a particular style of yoga, or learn a new style that's possible.

 - Perhaps you have an injury that you'd like to work around. I have helped many clients 121 with this.

 - Confidence in your own yoga practice and encouragement to make it a regular part of your life.

 - I would like to think I am friendly and down to earth! 

 - Beginners v much welcome - I teach many people new to yoga

 - One of the most common things people say when they start sessions or mention why they aren't coming to classes is 'I'm not very flexible'.... snap - I started yoga for the some reason. Please don't let the length of your hamstrings put you off the transformative power of yoga in your life :)


Yoga in pregnancy is proven to have vast array of benefits. The simple act of deep breathing calms your central nervous system and brings more oxygenated blood to your baby. It also helps reduce anxiety or stress and balance hormones, aswell as keeping the body flexible and strong for birth. I am also a hypnobirthing practitioner so the sessions incorporate wisdom and practices from that approach.


We use postures (asana), pranayama (breathing practices), visualisation and deep relaxation or yoga nidra, alongside postures that can be useful in our birthing.


Please give me a call if you’d like to chat though what you’d like to gain from the sessions and/or I can send you a questionnaire to find out this info.

T: 0797 330 1571​

E: anna.brook@rocketmail.com


Online via Zoom

Per Session = £50/hr

4 sessions (paid up front) = £170

For more information, booking and requests Contact Me

"Anna is one of the most calming, warming and attentive teachers I have ever met. Encouraging, detailed where needed but not overly, she helps to correct and develop with a gentle and clear manner.


Rich in voice, ideal for yoga, her nature, movements and being soothe the soul and warm the heart. Anna has delivered for quite some time very bespoke 121 sessions to my wife and I that have seen our yoga grow, increased our flexibility and strength and brought us wellbeing and relaxation".

Damian, 1-2-1 Yoga Client

T: 0797 330 1571​

E: anna.brook@rocketmail.com

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