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Yoga classes or workshops in a business setting are becoming increasingly popular. I create packages for businesses to suit their needs and those of their employees. Here are some options, though I am available to create bespoke packages:






What will you get out of it?

You will have the opportunity to learn some simple yoga stretches that you can use daily either at work or at home that will help you combat the minor aches and pains associated with poor posture.You will also learn some simple meditation practices to help you de-stress and participate in a session of yoga nidra for a deeper relaxation.

After completing this course 

You will be able to:


Understand where yoga and meditation originated from

Identify the physical and psychological benefits of regular practice of yoga and meditation

Complete simple yoga stretches and postures to decrease tension in the body

Complete simple meditations to help relieve stress and increase relaxation

Have a simple practice you can take home

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Yoga has been around for thousands of years yet has become extremely popular in recent years, perhaps due to the increasingly fast paced lives that many of us live and our emphasis of working with computers.


Regular practice of yoga can provide a range of benefits both physically and mentally.  Often what we do in our day to day lives and the positions we spend the majority of the day in e.g. sitting at a desk, can be causing long term damage to our bodies.  Gentle movement through yoga can be key to keeping the body open and can help us avoid some common physical issues such as backache, as well as lowering blood pressure, keeping bones strong and having tools to relieve stress or anxiety.

This practical course will give you the opportunity to firstly learn about where/how yoga originated and the key benefits it can provide, as well as how meditation and breath work (pranayama) can help to alleviate physical and psychological difficulties.  You will then have the opportunity to practice some basic yoga techniques and meditation that you can use on a daily basis.

What's this course about?

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